Species: Danio rerio

Position: chr1: 7835709-7837877

Known as:

Transcript: thor

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THOR is an ultra-conserved lncRNA, and presented an evolutionarily conserved function with a testis-specific tissue expression pattern across many species (like humans, mouse and zebrafish). THOR binds to IGF2BP1 and regulates broad target mRNA stabilization. Two sgRNAs targeting the conserved region of thor generated a population of homozygous thor-knockout zebrafish (thor-/-) in F2 generation, resulting in zebrafish fertilization defect and resistance to melanoma formation. Interestingly, the human THOR is capable of utilizing zebrafish cellular machinery to also produce a striking cancer phenotype. This trans-species function of THOR suggested that its sequence and function have both been evolutionarily selected for.


sgRNA_ID Sequence Position (Chr) Position (Lnc) Length PAM Type Validity Cell line Note Ref.
sgRNA1 CGATTGCACTGGTTGAGAAA 7835831-7835850(-) gene body (near 5') 20 AGG CRISPRko Experimental validated embryo paried with sgRNA2 [1]
sgRNA2 GGTCACCTTTTTGGTCGTGA 7836798-7836817(+) gene body (near 3') 20 TGG CRISPRko Experimental validated embryo paried with sgRNA1 [1]



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1. Hosono Y, Niknafs YS, Prensner JR, Iyer MK, Dhanasekaran SM, et al. (2017). Oncogenic Role of THOR, a Conserved Cancer/Testis Long Non-coding RNA. Cell 171(7): 1559-1572.e20.