Species: Drosophila melanogaster

Position: chrX: 11579064-11580432

Known as: roX2 , FBgn0019660

Transcript: NR_002104 , NR_002105 , NR_047796 , NR_047795 , NR_123871 , NR_123872 , FBtr0073515 , FBtr0308845 , FBtr0343986 , FBtr0343985 , FBtr0073514 , FBtr0308846

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Using Drosophila dCas9, the combined sgRNA strategy was tested on the efficiency of abrogating roX2 transcription. Three targeting sequences around the roX2 RNA TSS, complementary to both the non-template (rNTa) and template (rTb and rTc) strands are choose. Coexpression of the sgRNAs with human dCas9 did not affect the roX2 transcript level signifcantly. However, when the same combinations of sgRNAs were expressed together with the Drosophila dCas9, roX2 transcript was significantly reducted (90% knockdown) in the sgRNAs flanking the transcription start site (rTb+rTc). Importantly, the roX1 transcript was unaffected in the same cell line, demonstrating the specifcity of the knockdown.


sgRNA_ID Sequence Position (Chr) Position (Lnc) Length PAM Type Validity Cell line Note Ref.
sgRNA1 CTGCATGAATCCGAAAATAG 11578901-11578920(-) up stream 20 CGG CRISPRi Experimental validated CME-W1-Cl.8+ NA [1]
sgRNA2 CCAAAACTCGAAAATATCAA 11579019-11579038(+) up stream 20 GGG CRISPRi High activity CME-W1-Cl.8+ 90% knockdown [1]
sgRNA3 GGCCTGGTCACACTAAGCTA 11579071-11579090(+) gene body (near 5') 20 GGG CRISPRi High activity CME-W1-Cl.8+ 90% knockdown [1]



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1. Ghosh S, Tibbit C, Liu JL (2016). Effective knockdown of Drosophila long non-coding RNAs by CRISPR interference. Nucleic Acids Res 44(9): e84.