Species: Homo sapiens

Position: chr8: 122692221-122692545

Known as:

Transcript: 21A

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21A is one of a number of RNAP III-transcribed ncRNAs that have sequence complementarity to protein-coding genes, possibly acting as a natural trans-chromosomal antisense RNA. Aligned to the human genome, it shows several homology hits, among which the most highly significant were associated to multiple intronic regions of centromeric protein F gene (CENP-F). In vitro over-expression of 21A transcripts inhibits CENP-F protein accumulation and decreased levels of CENP-F mRNA, indicating that 21A regulates CENP-F expression in trans. 21A RNAs has a role in the control of the proliferation of human tumor cell lines, possibly via regulation of CENP-F expression. This effect was not observed in a mouse cell line.


sgRNA_ID Sequence Position (Chr) Position (Lnc) Length PAM Type Validity Cell line Note Ref.
sgRNA1 TATTTCTTCCATCACCATAA 122692662-122692681(-) up stream 20 AGG CRISPRko High activity HCT116 16.3-fold increase,paried with sgRNA2 [1]
sgRNA2 AAGTGTTTGAATTAGCAGGT 122692175-122692194(+) down stream 20 GGG CRISPRko High activity HCT116 16.3-fold increase,paried with sgRNA1 [1]



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1. Ho TT, Zhou N, Huang J, Koirala P, Xu M, et al. (2015). Targeting non-coding RNAs with the CRISPR/Cas9 system in human cell lines. Nucleic Acids Res 43(3): e17.